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“If a man keeps cherishing his old knowledge,
so as continually to be acquiring new, he may be a teacher of others.”


My first “Educational experience” artifact is a wiki I created for my Introduction to Instructional Technology Course.  Dr. I-Chun Tsai, Instructor, made a great impression on me to write reflections of every learning experience. Her advice was invaluable. I learned that when you reflect on learning experiences the learning becomes a life-long process, it's a meticognitive strategy for improving teaching and learning skills. I am a volunteer Technology Coach at Bethlehem Christian Academy. One of the major concerns of the school administration, teachers, and staff is Internet Safety. I created a learning unit on Internet Safety for teachers, students, and parents. Artifacts 4-9 of my "Education experience" are from the learning unit on Internet Safety, and the Integration Project for the course, Integration & Implementation of Technology taught by Dr. Cheryl Ward, University of Akron. 
Artifact 2 of my "Educational experience”  is also a wiki which I created for the Planning for Technology course taught by Dr. I-Chun Tsai. In this wiki I explain my rendition of what technology in education should look like. I reflect on my goals and visions as a Technology Facilitator and how my goals are shaped by the National and State of Ohio Technology Plans.

My first "World experience" artifact is correspondence between Mrs. Warner, Administrator and Principal, Bethlehem Christian Academy. Mrs. Warner is very eager to start Professional Development in Technology for the Teachers at the school. She has agreed to start the program even though the school does not have Internet access. Plans to install a wireless internet network are scheduled for summer of 2013.

Artifact 3 of my "Educational experience" is my review of the scholarly article written by Kerry Lee. Lee and I agree that cultural experience has a great deal of influence on technology, how technology is valued, utilized, and improved to suit the needs of various cultures throughout the world. My second "World experience" artifact is a photo taken during a Professional Development in Technology session. I am reviewing the Internet Safety Lesson Plan with the Teachers. 
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