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“When we try to discover the best in others,
we end up bringing out the best in ourselves”

~author unknown


One of the first courses I took at The University of Akron was Multimedia/Hypermedia. I considered myself a novice web surfer and never considered creating and designing my own website.  Before attending the course, I used technology by recording student projects with a digital video camera and uploading it to Windows Movie Maker to edit, and then burning the video onto a DVD.

My first "Educational experience" artifact is my Pre-admission Competencies Verification. I learned how to upload video in Wikispaces from my digital video camera.

Dr. I-Chun Tsai was a great instructor who taught me that I could design my own instructional website using web 2.0 tools like Wikispaces.

My first “World experience” artifact  is a Jing snapshot of my page on EdWeb.net. I am a member of this online professional community. I have attended several online conferences and shared numerous ideas for technology integration in the classroom with Librarians around the world. I have also learned of employment opportunities for Librarians around the world, particularly in Third World countries.

My second "Educational experience" artifacts is a paper I wrote for my Introduction to Instructional Technology class, of my Philosophy of Instructional Technology.  New to the program, I thought of how the learning experience would benefit me in the field of library science. Now that I am approaching the end of the program, I understand how much Instructional Technology is essential for all Educators who wish to engage and inspire students to survive, succeed, and excel in the 21st Century.

My second "World experience" artifacts are photos from the Ohio eTech 2013 Conference I attended. I was a volunteer in the Mesh Lab. I plan to attend each conference in the future. It is a great way to stay abreast of Emerging and Bleeding Edge Technologies. I had the opportunity to see a 3D Printer, NAO Robot dance to Thriller, and Cleveland Public Schools Fab Lab. I am showing a student from the Fab Lab my Web-Based Learning Sytem. 


My third and fourth "World experience" artifacts are my letter of acceptance and "Certificate of Attendance" for volunteering to work the Mesh Lab for 2 days of the Ohio eTech 2013 Conference. It was fun and educational to learn how students from various school throughout Ohio have integrated technology in the classroom and beyond the classroom.

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