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WELCOME TO MODULE 5 BLOG and Course Summary

A Blog is a website for discussion on the World Wide Web. Discussions may be synchronous (real-time) or asynchronous (users my be offline when you post a discussion). Think of it as voice mail online. 

Learning Objective:
By now you have completed your Classroom Wikispaces, and would like feedback from your students and parents on the content you have added regarding Internet Safety. To be assured that your students have seen the video, you may ask them to respond on the Classroom Wiki Blog.

Learning Task:
1) Watch the video to learn how to create a blog
2) Create your blog
3) Watch instructional video on how to embed a blog into your wiki
4) Embed your blog into your Classroom Wikispaces
5) Participate in the Blog discussion by clicking the "click here" button below


Course Summary

Congratulations! Upon completion of this course you are able to create and design with Open Source Software (OSS) tools, your own wiki website that may be used for communicating and collaborating with colleagues, students, and parents from your classroom. The students may use these web tools and others to connect to information and resources from around the globe to enhance their learning experiences and sharpening their skills for critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. The use of technology will advance the diversity of student learning. Adding and embedding multimedia (audio, video, hyperlinks) and blogs, is a way to create and design your own authentic content to your wiki that provides rich information and resources that will engage all types of learners.

Please continue to practice what you have learned in this course, and also join a blog, attend an online webinars/conferences to learn what other teachers are doing with technology integration in their classrooms. Listed in the Right Navigation Bar are Blogs and Communities of Practice for integrating technology in the classroom.

There are many more resources out on the Internet, I encourage you to find one or two in your own subject matter to join as well.

Best Wishes,

Terri Golden & Terri Hallam

Please complete survey at the conclusion of this course. Link to survey may be found in the Right Navigation Bar. Thank you for your participation!

Resources Links

Create a Blog Video

Embed a Blog into
Wikispaces Video


Blogs to Join



Websites to watch

Ohio Educational Website
for technology

Webinars and Conferences


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