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Wikispaces is a web host provider that allows you to create your own classroom website.
Your wiki may be used to inform your students and parents of classroom activities (i.e., homework assignments, upcoming field trips and concerts, school news and events) and instruction. For this course, your wiki will serve as a means of communication between you, your students and parents on the  ways that technology will be implemented and integrated into the classroom.

Learning Objective:
By the time you finish this module, you will have the ability to create and design your own Classroom wiki to share with students and parents. In this Module are instructions on creating a Classroom wiki account, adding text and images. Complete the learning task in the order given below. If you need help navigating through the website or module, click on the “Help” link in the left column. If you need further assistance, click on the “Email Me” link at the bottom of this page.

Learning Task:
1) Print .pdf file for "Directions for creating your Classroom Wikispaces"
2) Read "Directions for creating your Classroom Wikispaces"
3) Create a classroom wiki account
4) Add text to wiki by typing a brief autobiography
5) Print .pdf file for "Directions for uploading image to Classroom Wikispaces"
6) Read "Directions for uploading image to Classroom Wikispaces:
7) Upload your image to the wiki
8) Participate in the Discussion Board for Classroom Wikispaces

Resources Links

Directions for Creating Classroom Wikispaces .pdf file

Create wiki account

Directions for uploading image to Classroom Wikispaces .pdf file

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