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Welcome to our Web-Based Learning System. We are your instructors, Terri Golden and Teresa Hallam.

We have designed this website as an introduction to using Free Open Source Web Tools that may be used to collaborate with your colleagues (share ideas, problem solve, and plan) in a school wide effort to integrate technology in the classroom.

At the end of this instruction, you will be able to use computer technology knowledge and skills to create a classroom wiki to communicate with parents and students on classroom activities. The instructional context requires the use of a Internet Access devices,  headphones (optional), and access to the Internet; s
oftware required includes Acrobat Reader, Flash, Audacity, Google Mail, Google Docs, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome; and knowledge of using a word processor, an email account, as well as sufficient computer skills to use basic computer commands (i.e., save, edit, delete, print).

To navigate the website, visit the "Help" link in the left column. To participate in discussions with colleagues  on assignments, click the "Discussion Board" link in the right column. "Frequently Asked Questions" will guide you to answers to common questions you may experience in online instruction.

If you experience any problems, or if you have any questions or concerns, you may email the Instructors or simply click the E-mail Me icon on the bottom of each page.

Terri Golden Email:
Teresa Hallam Email:

We are so glad you could join us.

Let's get started!

Begin by reading the Course Introduction, Course Overview, and Help pages. Click on the Left Navigation bar links to view these pages. Once you have read through all the requirements for the course return to the Course Introduction page to participate in the Voice thread activity.

To introduce yourself to your colleagues, you will engage in a Voice Thread activity. In Voice Thread you will upload a digital image and prepare a 3 minute introduction of yourself. (Your name and how you may use Voice Thread in your class with your students, or, your name and hobbies, or favorite thing to do).

Learning task:
1) Read directions for Voice Thread (click link "Directions to Voice Thread" in right column)
2) Register Voice Thread account (click link "Voice Thread" in right column)
3) Create Voice Thread
4) Participate in the Discussion Board discussions about Voice Thread experience

Click links in right column to start the Voice Thread activity. 

Once you have completed your Voice Thread, log out of program and return to this screen and click "Course Overview" in left column to continue instruction.

Resources Links

Directions for Voice Thread.pdf

Voice Thread

Frequently Asked
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