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Mini Project 2
My First Audio Editing Experience on the Web

Audio Editing: This audio editing project was performed in Audacity. In this project, I took two sound recordings by Bob Marley (Jammin, and Stir It Up) and cut the recordings down to 1 minute.To delete/cut sound in a track, I select the Trim tool and highlight within the track the sound to Trim, then I hit the delete key on my keyboard. I used the Effect Fade In to begin the music before voice recording began, and I used the Effect Fade Out to place greater emphasis on the voice recording. I edited the Voice Recording by using Effect Normalizer to raise the volume, and I used Effect Change Speed to 7% to help camouflage my nasal voice :) I saved all three sound tracks to my Desktop as .wav files. I, then began the process of combining all three audio recordings into one audio recording. First I opened my voice recording in Audacity. From the Desktop, I click and drag the first recording into the open Audacity program. The sound track displayed below the voice recording. I selected the tool Time Shift Tool and place the sound recording to begin the track, and the voice recording to end. The I saved the project as Intro and closed the recording. I reopened the Intro recording and from the Desktop click and drag the last sound track for the end of my recording. I placed the last sound track at the end of my Intro recording, then clicked Files Export to MP3.

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