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Mini Project 1
My First Photoshop Editing on the Web

Hardware and Software

Digital Camera Kodak Z710IS 7.1 Mega Pixels
Laptop Computer Lenovo Z585 AMD A-Series A8-4500M 1.9GHz 6 GB RAM
Software Adobe Photoshop CS3

Edited Image #2: Serena on the U.S.S. Nitze. To create a memory of our daughter on her first naval deployment on the U.S.S. Nitze to keep in a scrapbook for her, I decided to merge a photograph of the Nitze with her Naval Graduation picture. I started image editing with the picture of the U.S.S. Nitze, a photograph I got off of the ship's website. The software I used to work on the image was Photoshop CS5. I wanted to change the appearence of the water and the sky. I right clicked on the Magic Wand from the right side toolbar, then from the pull down menu, I selected Image, then clicked on Adjustments then Color Balance. I used those tools to tweak the colors of the water and the sky. Next, I opened a picture of Serena's Naval Graduation. This picture was taken with a Kodak Z710IS Digital Camera, October 8, 2011. I loaded the photograph to Photoshop and preceded to edit the picture. Right clicking on the crop tool, clicked and dragged the tool over the image of Serena. I only wanted her picture in the forground of the ship. I wanted to touch up the skin tones of her face. Using the toolbar, I right clicked on the Healing Brush Tool from the side toolbar, and selected spot healing brush tool. Clicking once on the area of her face with even skin tone, I took my sample, then I clicked on the areas in her face with the tool, as a result, her skin tone became even. I then saved both images as png files. I opened up the edited images. From the open documents bar, I clicked and dragged each image down the screen, which created an thumbnail of the images on my working space. Right clicking on Serena's image, enabled me to click and drag her picture onto the image of the Nitze. It worked! I saved the edited image.>

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Before Image 1 Before Image 2 After Image
USS Nitze image here Serena's Naval graduation with me and Leonard's image here Serena with USS Nitze's image here

Edited Image #2: This is another photograph for Serena's memory scrapbook. This before picture was taken with the Kodak Z10IS Digital Camera and downloaded to Photoshop CS5 for editing. The picture was taken when Serena was a senior in high school during a choir concert. Serena was a mime during this performance. The photograph was underexposed (too dark, not enough light) and the choir members appeared to be red. I started with the Image pull down menu, and selected Adjustments. In Brightness/Contrast, I adjusted the light. Again from the Image pull down menu, Adjustments, I worked with the Hue/Saturation to get rid of the red effects.Then I noticed two of the choir members had redeye. I went to View, Zoom In (3 times, I did this in order to see the eyes better), then began working on the redeye problem. After try the Redeye tool from the right side toolbar, I wasn't getting the results I wanted. I then right clicked on the Healing Brush Tool from the side toolbar, and selected spot healing brush tool. I clicked in the tab Color Swatches at the upper right side and selected a greyish greenish color to use. I then painted over the eyes with my spot healing brush tool. It took quite a bit of time and effort, but I edited it to my satisfaction. I really wanted to fade in Serena's image over the Nitze, however, each time I tried Serena's face had a ghostly red tone. This is something that will take more time and practice for me. Where are the graphics designers and artists when you need them?

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Before Image After Image
Mime image here mime and choir edited image here

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