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Terri L. Golden, Student of Instructional Technology
The University of Akron

Welcome to my web designs. I created these webpages during my Hypermedia/Multimedia course at the University of Akron, under the direction of Dr. I-Chun Tsai. The original webpages were designed in HTML coded by hand, and the images were edited using Adobe Photoshop CS6. The audio was added and edited using Audacity 2.0.2 and the animation was created using Adobe Flash CS6.

The Hypermedia/Multimedia course is a must for all teachers who wish to incorporate technology into their lesson plans. The experience I had, using these web tools, prove essential for my success as I grow into an Instructional Designer. As I advance in the Instructional Technology courses here at the University of Akron, I will share what I have learned with my colleagues. I plan to instruct teachers by means of the Internet, using an online collaborative software program. My goal is for the teachers I train, to get accustomed to using the Internet for communication and collaboration. We will create blogs and join blogs with other teachers, so that we may stay abreast of technologies in the marketplace. The teachers I train, will use their knowledge of technology and web tools, to instruct their students and model the use of technology for the students that they teach. In exchange, their students will use technology for self-instruction and enrichment of their learning experiences. I intend to empower teachers to teach and learn with technology. I feel confident that the students will benefit more through the instruction, and learn to use web tools for their own productivity in school. Students will use technology in presentations and projects assigned by their teachers. These experiences will equip the students to become lifelong learners who are capable of meeting global challenges in their careers. The students will have the skills and knowledge to be successful in the 21st Century.

I hope you enjoy this website, as much as I did designing it.

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