Internet Safety Videos
The Adventures of Kara, Winston, and the Smart Crew

Website is designed to enhance classroom instruction on Internet Safety for integrating technology in the classroom.
Website of embedded videos for students to watch and discuss issues that arise when using the Internet.
This lesson will help students who are using the Internet to identify and avoid situations
that could threaten their safety.

To increase student knowledge of Internet safety
To aid the student in identifying stranger danger on the Internet
To build critical-thinking and decision-making skills relating to computer usage
To help students protect themselves from inappropriate behavior online.
Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to
1. Identify five types of personal information
2. Identify types of online “Stranger Danger”
3. Identify appropriate people for communication
4. Identify how to protect them from inappropriate Internet behavior

Adventures of Kara, Winston and the Smart Crew videos on Internet Safety


Description of Video

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Chapter 1
Captain Kara and her crew are travelling across the seas in their pirate ship the Inter Sea Explorer. In this adventure, they receive a suspicious email – and have to decide whether or not to open it. This animated series teaches children how to stay safe online.


Chapter 2
Captain Kara and her crew plan a stop-over at Hooya Cove – but one website claims it’s full of crazed penguins! Is information from the website reliable? This is the second part of this animated series, teaching children how to stay safe online.


Chapter 3
Captain Kara and Windswept Winston are playing a game on the on-board computer when they’re contacted by another gamer – but why does he want to know their real names and where they live? This third chapter of the animated series teaches children to keep their personal information private, and stay safe online.


Chapter 4
The Explorer crew are back on the trail of the treasure. In this adventure, Kara is bullied by someone online – but the SMART crew are on hand and they know how to deal with bullies! This is the fourth chapter of the animated series, teaching children to stay safe online.


Chapter 5
In the last adventure of the series, Captain Kara makes plans to meet up with someone she talked to online – but is BlackEye Bean who he says he is? The final piece of the treasure map fits into place, in this five-part series to teach children how to stay safe online.


.pdf of Internet Safety Lesson Plan

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